Mrs. Nisrine Al Turky

Day 1 Panel 2


Nisrine El Turky

Founder and CEO of Internet of Trees (IOTree)

Nisrine El Turky is the founder and CEO of Internet of Trees (IOTree). She is also a professor at the Faculty of Engineering at Notre Dame University- Louaize.
Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, and as a computer and communication engineer, Nisrine developed a strong technical background and knowledge in the telecommunications, networking and computing fields. She has led different international projects on the Emulation of Commutation of On-Board Satellite Systems and she launched her first company “Linkline Communications”. Furthermore, Nisrine has more than twelve years in research and development, at first, she developed her own electronics company “ElectroNis” and university club “ElectroHolics”. The purpose of her company was to impact students and fellow engineers positively. Subsequently, perceiving the pain accompanying the agriculture sector, Nisrine decided to step in and invent a new device to revive the sector and make farmers life easier. Thus, she founded IOTree. IOTree has won several awards and recognitions on a national, local and international level. Following her successful journey in the Ag-Tech, she launched “Mazra’Tek” a new Platform that helps the Agriculture sector. Being a serial entrepreneur, Nisrine recently launched her beauty-tech startup “Diva”.